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You just finalized an exciting new research collaboration with an awesome partner so the hard part is over – right? Unfortunately, no. Servers and software must now be provisioned and configured to hold your partnership’s content, data, analytics and collaborative workflows.

Creating partnership IT can take months and is often treated as an afterthought resulting in suboptimal systems. Catalytic Alliance deploys rapidly and is built specifically for the needs of R&D partnerships. A single platform, available from any geographic location and easily scaled to add new team members and resources. Get right to work after finalizing that partnership.

Catalytic Alliance

Collaboration and Team Messaging

Email and stand alone file sharing applications aren’t great solutions for the dynamic workflows generated by R&D Partnerships. Catalytic Alliance delivers a powerful messaging platform integrated with a secure content sharing solution that is always available at the point where work is being done.

Alliance team members across both parties can message or share content 1 to 1, or 1 to many, create sub-project or thematic channels to organize and focus research communications, and create private or public groups for secure conversations all in one place. Catalytic Alliance messaging is available on mobile devices as well, so your team will always be connected to the conversations and content that matter.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is a major bottleneck for R&D partnerships. Catalytic Alliance not only deploys with infrastructure optimized for today’s data analytics and bioinformatics pipelines but is configurable to fit the unique needs of your partnership workflows.

Specialists can configure and lock the parameters of any data analysis application so that your team is confident it’s running standardized and reproducible workflows. Once your data analysis job is complete, the reports and visualizations can be shared with any team member from within the platform. No need to create additional emails, outside ECMs or stand-alone data rooms where reports get lost or require added work to find.

Enterprise Search For Research Partnerships

Researchers waste precious time everyday searching for information needed to make a decision or advance a workflow. Catalytic Alliance integrates diverse repositories to enable a comprehensive one-and-done search. Proprietary bioNLP algorithms, text mining, and advanced search strategies combine to ensure your Partnership is finding information faster than ever. One search can find information in scientific publications, patents, clinical trials, protocols, drug labels, grants, and even your own documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Group Annotation Of Your Literature

Literature discovery is made more impactful through real-time group annotation across the partnership. The Catalytic Alliance Platform allows all members of your partnership to contribute their thoughts and ideas across relevant literature in real-time. View who is annotating anywhere in any document. Share annotations right from your workspace through the embedded team messaging system or through email if desired.

Partners and Integrations

R&D IT infrastructure must quickly adapt to new methodologies, workflows, and team growth. Catalytic Alliance is designed to ensure your research cloud is flexible and meets your team’s needs. Integrating an ECM, ELN, LIMS, team messenger, organizational repository, or third party applications will create a single sign-on platform that handles all of your research workflows for your strategic partnership. The Catalytic team handles all of the integration work so the members of your partnership can stay focused on their research.

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