Our mission is to improve the speed, predictability and success of life sciences research.

Catalytic builds software that integrates scientific resources and networks R&D team members in a unified digital workspace. Researchers get more work done and companies achieve key milestones faster.

Bad software is a serious problem.

Generating research data has never been easier, but consuming it all to create valuable scientific insights has never been more challenging.

Underperforming software systems slow research progress, cause scientists to miss important information and increase staff turnover due to frustration, burnout, and inability to work remotely when needed.

Creating great R&D departments requires an investment in both talent and the informatics infrastructure that facilitates their work. Building performant informatics systems that fits how researchers work is complex and requires a mix of world class software engineering and life sciences domain expertise. We founded Catalytic Data Science to solve this exact challenge for life sciences researchers.

The new R&D IT stack

Catalytic combines a high-performance computing environment with the data and research applications required to accelerate scientific workflows. We engineered this stack so that you can focus on science and not servers.

Who we are and how to join us

We are a team of life scientists and software engineers who believe the brightest minds in science should have access to the best tools that are key to driving innovation. The Catalytic Platform is a new kind of R&D cloud built specifically for how life scientists work. By providing researchers with the best digital tools and networking them with colleagues we’re empowering R&D teams to generate novel insights, compress the time and money required to achieve key R&D milestones and produce knowledge that can be monetized to drive business forward.

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Catalytic Data Science


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National Cancer Institute
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Dontzin, Nagy & Fleissig LLP

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