Better R&D, faster

Seemingly endless sources of unconnected information, data, analytics and conversations must be efficiently harnessed to make smart R&D decisions. We built an integrated knowledge management and informatics platform that enables your team to access, use and share critical resources required to advance research programs.  Secure, scaleable and available on any device.

Your Team's Integrated Workspace



Semantically search our ever-expanding open access library that delivers results in extracted computable text, highly relevant to your search query, rather than clickable links to endless PDFs that might not have significant relevance. Show More
Our proprietary ingestion pipeline and BioNLP algorithms process, index and deliver content that can be added to libraries, shared or annotated with a single click. Our technology is not limited to a particular type of publication so we enable mash-ups and cross domain searches. Show Less


Rapidly upload your papers from a reference manager, online storage provider, your corporate library or desktop. Create richer and more comprehensive libraries that only you and your company can access. Show More
When you upload papers to your Catalytic platform, our proprietary, automated ingestion pipeline performs numerous functions designed to make your content more useful. We transform your papers so that they are easy to organize, search, annotate, share and compute on while maintaining the original article format you are familiar with. We also securely store your original PDFs so they are downloadable at any time. Finally, we provide a citation management and export tool. Show Less


Launch powerful downstream bioinformatics and analytics pipelines without leaving your platform. Assign function, prioritize variants and visualize interaction maps and analyze protein properties to name a few. Show More
We are leveraging open access tools and datasets to bring common downstream bioinformatics, analytics and visualizations to Catalytic users. We understand that most researchers don't work from the command line and thus valuable analytic tools that could advance your work remain out of reach. We wrap these powerful tools in easy to execute interfaces that any user can launch, save and share. Saved workflows enable documented provenance and once created can be re-launched with a single click to run on updated datasets as frequently as you desire. Show Less


Use our BioNLP pipeline to semantically mine your papers, annotations, workflows and messaging streams. Our BioNLP pipeline processes and indexes all of your content so that you can quickly search and find the information you need. Show More
Whether searching biomedical domain terminology in your papers or common language in your chat streams, our BioNLP pipeline is designed to return relevant associated text matches that can be quickly analyzed for relevance. We share your frustration with search engines that return endless pages of search results that contain keywords somewhere in the text, but maybe not even in the same section. Obtaining, storing and reading all those documents to determine relevancy is extremely inefficient and doesn't fit the workflow of today's researchers. We built a better solution. Show Less


Catalytic's platform transforms your static PDFs into a more useable format so you or your collaborative groups can interact with content more effectively. Highlight, tag and comment on any text, figure or table in a paper. Save individual or group annotations, share annotations or export them to a text file with one-click. Show More
Our light annotation tool designed for working researchers enables rapid highlighting, tagging of biomedical concepts and text annotation. Our in-line drawing tool makes marking images and tables simple and straightforward. All annotations are accessible from within the article or directly from your library where they can be searched, shared or exported with a single click. Annotating articles is often tedious work for busy researchers so we built a solution that gives you the option to automatically extract key biomedical concepts from your papers and make them available to your downstream workflows. Show Less


Communicate instantly through secure in-app messaging that is omnipresent in your workspace. Our messaging feature is integrated into your workspace and available at the time and place you are doing work. Instantly send comments, share a paper, annotation, search result or workflow in a secure, private and searchable interface. Download the Catalytic mobile messaging app to collaborate on the go. Show More
Communicating and sharing your work product with collaborators or colleagues should not require interrupting workflows to open an email application, third party messaging application or sending invites to folders residing in popular online storage solutions. Easily create groups, subgroups and individual contacts organized according to your preferences. Finding that conversation and associated files that you know you had with a colleague, but can't locate in your inbox is easily accomplished right from your workspace. By incorporating our BioNLP pipeline into Catalytic's messaging feature you can mine all of your streams for biomedical concepts and associations making it even easier to find the exact information you are looking for. Show Less

Catalytic Corporate Platform

Stop losing productivity by struggling with countless different single purpose tools that aren’t designed to work well together and don’t scale across your Company’s research team. Catalytic's knowledge management and informatics platform is built to bring all of your corporate digital assets, workflows, communication tools and people together in one integrated and secure platform. Having everybody and everything on a unified platform creates a network effect within scientific teams that accelerates the pace of innovation.

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Centralized Resources Available Anytime, Anywhere

  • Open access, corporate and personal libraries
  • Analytics toolshed
  • Corporate and personal workflow libraries
  • Embedded team messaging (desktop and mobile)
  • Integrated content management
  • Platform wide domain specific Search
  • Tactical dashboard
  • Group collaboration and full featured sharing

Administrative Control

  • Granular permissions
  • Archiving and auditing
  • Enterprise grade security and back-up
  • Dedicated support team

Catalytic Alliance Platform

Corporate partnering is a critical activity that drives life sciences innovation. A significant pain point for both parties entering a new collaboration is creating the IT infrastructure required to start up and wind down programs which often results in lengthy initiation/termination cycles, high cost and subpar performance. We will rapidly spin-up a dedicated cloud-based environment configured to best serve your partnership’s IT needs and data ownership policies. Simply invite authorized team members to the shared platform and start loading data, documents and analytics on day one.

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Collaborative Resources

  • Project-centric libraries
  • Project-centric analytic tools
  • Workflow construction and sharing
  • File sharing
  • Individual and group annotation tools
  • Project dashboard
  • Embedded team messaging (desktop and mobile)
  • Platform wide domain specific Search

Administrative Control

  • Granular permissions
  • Archiving and auditing
  • Enterprise grade security and back-up
  • Dedicated support team

Secure in the cloud

image of phone, tablet, laptop and desktop computer

runs on all of your devices

Apple icon Android icon Windows icon

Catalytic's integrated knowledge management and informatics platform provides value on day one.

Deploy Rapidly Nothing to download or install. Launch Catalytic from your favorite browser and onboard team members as quickly as user profiles are created.

Upload Internal Resources Upload proprietary resources into your secure VPC and combine with our open access resources to achieve far greater domain coverage.

Access New Resources More than 20 million documents and numerous analytic programs are instantly available on day one without having to upload any proprietary content.

Stay Current We constantly add new content, analytics, features and performance improvements that are seamlessly pushed to all users simultaneously.

Scale in Real Time As your team grows simply add new users and they will be instantly connected to colleagues.

Build and Accelerate Workflows Create, run and save custom digital workflows that accelerate the pace of your research.

Work Securely Catalytic is a private environment dedicated to your company. Work securely and privately knowing you are not exposed to third party tracking cookies or insecure public web resources. Please see our Security section for details.

Control Access Set permissions to control who has access to what resources and when.

What is Catalytic's value to your company?

We believe an integrated knowledge management and informatics platform is a core strategic asset that will improve corporate decision-making, accelerate the pace of research and increase the efficiency of capital allocation in life sciences R&D.

Use our Value Calculator to determine what Catalytic's knowledge management platform is worth to your company.  Start by entering data relevant to your company.


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We are Catalytic

We are a team of life scientists and software engineers who believe the brightest minds in science should have access to the best tools that are key to driving innovation.  We built an integrated knowledge management and informatics platform specifically for how life scientists work.   By providing researchers with the best digital tools in one integrated platform, we're empowering them to share knowledge across scientific teams resulting in improved collaboration, productivity, efficiency and innovation.  

It goes without saying that engineering talent is required to build and maintain an integrated knowledge management and informatics platform. Technical competencies that span cloud computing architectures, database technology, natural language processing, machine learning, data analytics, data visualization, user interface design, and security are necessary requirements to build useful systems.

Equally important is having both deep life sciences domain expertise and engineering talent residing under the same roof in order to design and build software that scientists actually want to use.

Rarely, if ever, will this combination of domain expertise and engineering talent reside within a life sciences company. So we hired an amazing team to build the Catalytic Digital Workspace for you, so you can focus on what’s important — doing great science. Head on over to our Blog to meet the team and hear what we have been thinking about.


Scott Sacane

Founder and CEO, Catalytic Data Science

Jason Hong, Ph.D.

Principal, Third Point Partners

Samuel Broder, M.D.

Former EVP Intrexon, Director National Cancer Institute, and Chief Medical Officer, Celera

Daniel Marovitz

COO, President of Europe, Earthport

Matthew Dontzin, Esq.

Founding Partner, Dontzin, Nagy & Fleissig LLP

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