A Platform for Every Life Sciences Researcher and Organization


For academics and start-up teams.


For emerging companies that want to centralize and scale scientific workflows.


For established companies that want an integrated solution to meet all of their R&D workflow needs.


For companies and academics that want to start collaborating immediately after partnering.

OA Repositories Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Full Text Publications & Abstracts
Biological Lab Protocols
Global Life Sciences Patents
FDA Drug Labels
Clinical Trials
Smart Newsfeeds
Search Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
BioNLP & Biomedical Ontologies
Text Mining & Extraction
Library Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Personal Library
Organizational Library
Shared Team Library
Personal Folders
Shared Team Folders
Storage Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Connect to Personal Cloud Storage Account
Connect to Team Cloud Storage Account
Connect to Proprietary Data Lake
Connect to Amazon S3
Data Upload Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Add Personal Papers & Content
Add Team Papers & Content
Add Organizational Papers & Content
Upload OA Datasets optional
Upload Proprietary Datasets optional
Integrations Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
ELNs optional
LIMS optional
Proprietary Applications & Systems
Third Party Applications & Sytems
Content Collaboration Tools Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Text Annotation Tool
Image Annotation & Mark-up Tool
Collaborative Group Annotations
Text & Image Annotation Sharing
Messaging System Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Direct Messages
Team Channels
Public Groups
Private Groups
Mobile Messaging App (iOS, Android)
App Integrations
Data Analytics and Pipelines Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
All Current Analytics on the Platform optional
Add New Analytics to the Platform optional
Bioinformatic Pipeline Builder Tool optional
Proprietary Analytic & Pipeline Creation
Workflow and Automation Essentials Pro Enterprise Alliance
Create & Save Personal Workflows
Create & Share Team Workflows
Access to Team Workflows

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