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Life sciences companies face a difficult decision when deciding to build or buy informatics systems. One path leads to costly and long development cycles while the other often leads to inflexible solutions that forfeit control. Catalytic provides a better way – configure, integrate and expand.

A complex array of resources are required to advance scientific workflows. Enterprise content, publications, data, analytics, ELNs, LIMS, ECMs, collaborative platforms etc. But, what if only some resources are needed at a certain stage or some systems are already in place? The architecture of Catalytic Enterprise enables companies to spin-up a comprehensive research cloud from the outset or configure a solution that meets current needs and can be expanded by adding on later.

Building blocks for a scalable research cloud

Catalytic Enterprise

The most comprehensive and private research cloud for your life sciences company.

Digitization of data, analytics, information and communications provides an opportunity to run research programs more efficiently and from remote locations. These new capabilities can lead to competitive advantages when it comes to the speed of reaching R&D milestones, getting more done with less, and attracting the best scientific talent regardless of where they work or live.

Enterprise Search For Scientists

Researchers waste precious time everyday searching for information needed to make a decision or advance a workflow. Catalytic Enterprise integrates diverse repositories to enable a comprehensive one-and-done search. Proprietary bioNLP algorithms, text mining, and advanced search strategies combine to ensure your team is finding information faster than ever. One search query will be executed across 35 million publications, patents, protocols, drug labels, clinical trials, grants, and corporate documents.

Data Analytics

Data analysis is the new bottleneck in R&D. Expensive software, vendor lock-in, point solutions running on single machines and complex solutions that require informatics specialists are slowing progress. Catalytic Enterprise creates a centralized library of analytics tailored to your company’s needs. Open source, third party or proprietary applications can be added and made available for your entire team to use whether data scientists or biologists.

Collaboration and Team Messaging

Life sciences research is a team sport that requires effective collaboration both internally and with outside partners. Email and stand-alone file sharing applications aren’t great solutions for the dynamic workflows generated by R&D activities. Catalytic Enterprise delivers a powerful messaging platform integrated with a secure content sharing solution that is always available at the point where work is being done. We implement our bioNLP algorithms within the messaging application so finding domain-specific content is immediate and accurate.

Team members can message or share content 1 to 1 or 1 to many, create department channels to organize work, create private groups for secure conversations, or invite outside collaborators into new channels that are separated from private company conversations. Catalytic Enterprise messaging is available on mobile devices as well so your team will always be connected to the conversations and content that matter wherever work is getting done.

Partners and Integrations

R&D IT infrastructure must quickly adapt to new methodologies, workflows and team growth. Catalytic Enterprise is architected to ensure your research cloud is flexible and meets your team’s needs. Integrating an ECM, ELN, LIMS, team messenger, organizational repository, or third party applications will create a single sign-on platform that handles all of your research workflows. The Catalytic team handles all of the integration work so you can stay focused on science not servers.


And more

Dashboards and Notifications

Staying up to date on important industry news, breaking scientific announcements, personal workflows and collaboration notifications is a challenge for researchers. Catalytic Enterprise makes this easy by integrating all of your news sources and notifications in one Dashboard. Eliminating multiple trips to your inbox and avoiding endless navigation to websites will save you countless hours of lost productivity.

Security and Availability

Data security and platform uptime is critically important to the team at Catalytic. Catalytic Essentials is built in the cloud using Amazon Web Services. We use Amazon’s industry-leading security tools to protect your data. Beyond Amazon’s tools, our team implements best practices in encryption, administrative access, patch management, application security, and disaster recovery to ensure your data remains secure. We work hard to architect the Enterprise platform so that it’s secure and always available whenever and wherever you need to work.

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