Scientific knowledge can now be produced and managed in a single Life Sciences R&D Cloud.

Catalytic Data Science, a leading provider of life sciences R&D workflow solutions, today announced that it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Advantage Program as a technology partner, providing a new integration of Catalytic’s R&D Cloud Platform with Google Cloud’s G Suite. This comprehensive integration fills a long-standing gap within the life sciences R&D IT marketplace.

Historically, researchers produce scientific knowledge by using a large number of disparate point solutions, then manage that knowledge in completely separate applications, if at all. Producing and managing scientific knowledge in this manner was suitable when data flows were smaller and less complex, but today’s life sciences data loads are overwhelming researchers and slowing the pace of innovation. By combining the best of Catalytic’s life sciences R&D workflow solutions and the best of G Suite’s content management solutions, a powerful new platform has emerged that enables researchers to produce and manage scientific knowledge in one, integrated, platform.

As a Google Cloud technology partner, Catalytic Data Science offers research teams the ability to send virtually any type of content or data from Google Drive to the Catalytic R&D Platform, expose that content to analytic and workflow services, complete research tasks, and send the resulting output back to Google Drive to facilitate collaboration. These workflows are accomplished with just a few clicks and all outputs are securely stored in compliance with your data management policies.

The Catalytic Data Science and G Suite collaboration enables entirely new scientific workflows, saving life scientists countless hours of lost productivity, and

increasing the speed to achieving key R&D milestones. Catalytic’s integration with G Suite creates a Life Sciences R&D Cloud Platform that integrates all of the key resources needed to advance scientific workflows, networks all of the key team members and scales to meet today’s data challenges.

“For more than a decade the life sciences industry has not been data-limited, but rather insight-limited due to outdated strategies that impede the ability to

collaborate and make sense of all the data. At Catalytic Data Science, we envision what a modern R&D IT infrastructure would look like if built from the ground up to meet today’s life sciences challenges. Launching the integration with G Suite is an important step in building a platform that enables scientists to reach milestones faster, more efficiently and at lower costs,” said Scott Sacane, CEO, Catalytic Data Science.

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