The emergence of freely available PubChem and ChEMBL resources for chemical and biological Structure-Activity-Relationship (SAR) data has radically changed the global drug discovery informatics landscape. The heterogeneity of low throughput and high throughput chemical and biological data do nevertheless present some unique challenges – and opportunities – when creating large-scale community resources – for sophisticated purveyors of drug discovery data with:

Ashley Farley

At the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Ashley Farley supports open publication, science, and data initiatives.

Andrew Leach, PhD

Dr. Andrew Leach, with the Chemogenomics team at EMBL-EBI, develops and manages the ChEMBL database of quantitative small-molecule bioactivity data focused in the area of drug discovery.

Evan Bolton, PhD

At the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), Dr. Evan Bolton provides direction to their chemistry efforts, manages the PubChem project, and provides core expertise in the areas of chemical information, chemical informatics, scientific data systems, and scientific programming.

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